Answers to Common Therapy Questions

Q: Are your services covered by OHIP?

A: Currently in Ontario, only therapy provided by a medical doctor or psychiatrist is covered by OHIP.

Q: Are your fees covered by extended health plans?

A: Coverage by extended health plans varies based on individual plans. This can be discussed with David. Information to obtain before that discussion would include the carrier of your health plan, the dollar amount of coverage per person per calendar year, the percentage of coverage, and the professionals or services specified by the plan that will be covered.

Q: How do I access therapy?

A: It begins by contacting Klauke Counselling Services via email or telephone. A short conversation with David to determine availability is necessary to schedule a first appointment. Other topics discussed in the initial phone call may include the presenting problem, insurance coverage, directions to the office or questions regarding David's background and credentials.

Q: What happens in therapy?

A: Therapy begins with gathering background information and a description of the presenting problem. Generally, after 1-3 sessions, goals for therapy are established and sessions continue in order to work toward accomplishing those goals.

Q: Can my fees be split over several family members?

A: Fees can only be charged for people who have actually attended the session in the office. Billing to clients that have not attended is considered fraud and could lead to criminal charges and/or a loss of credentials for David Klauke.

Q: How long does therapy last?

A: Most common issues are addressed in 8-12 issues. More importantly, progress is discussed and reviewed with clients as therapy continues.

Q: What is an EAP?

A: EAP's, commonly known as Employee Assistance Programs, are sometimes provided to employees of companies over and above their extended health plans, or in lieu of extended health plans. Each EAP is unique in what services are included. Klauke Counselling Services is a provider for several EAP companies. Acquiring the name of the EAP provider or program will allow David to determine if you are able to access his services through that plan.

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