Enhancing Life Skills at Klauke Counselling Services

Life Coaching

Life coaching varies from other services provided in that it draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from several disciplines with an aim toward helping people identify and achieve personal goals.

Klauke Counselling Services will join with you and rather than focus on a particular presenting problem or issue, will focus on identifying and building on your strengths to enhance life satisfaction. You will be encouraged to be proactive and move from good toward better as opposed to moving from problem to solution.


Psycho-education can be also considered "life skills training." Similar to life coaching, this service is not usually problem oriented or pursued because something isn’t working. Rather, psycho-education is oriented toward enhancing life and improving abilities in specific life skills.

Klauke Counselling Services will assist you in developing specific skills such as communication, parenting, assertiveness, time management or financial management. You will be better equipped for facing a life challenge or facing a developmental life stage.

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